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Cutting-edge technology, simple and elegant design, and a catalogue that is updated daily make Listupp the best choice for looking to discover fashion and accessories curated from the world’s top labels and retailers. Listupp gives you the feeling on being in an exclusive boutique, providing the shopper with personalized style suggestions and helping the shopper find exactly what they are looking for.


Listupp was born in Florence, Italy, out of the determination of a small team who wanted to revolutionize the world of online shopping. A designer, engineer, fashion editor and data scientist work together daily to provide shoppers with the best, tailored shopping experience possible.

The world’s top labels, available on a single platform

Thanks to daily curation and close attention to the latest trends, Listupp is the best way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of fashion. We work with thousands of global designers, boutiques and retailers to provide you with the best catalogue of available products.

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Finding the items you want has never been easier. The intuitive user experience, advanced search functions, filters and personalized suggestions make Listupp the best choice for shopping online.

The wardrobe of your dreams

Just like your favourite fashion magazine or your dream wardrobe, the Listupp wish list lets you keep track of your favorite products and organize them however you prefer: it’s the best way to remember the things you love.

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Listupp makes your life easy by tailoring the shopping experience to your needs. One of our services is the Sales Alert, which notifies you when your favorite items go on sale or a brand has a special offer or discount.

Always with you

Anywhere, anytime, and on any device, Listupp is always with you, providing the freedom to easily make a purchase whenever you want. Listupp is currently developing an App which will be available soon.

Startup in the space

Listupp Srl is a startup born in the Nanabianca ecosystem, Florence, Italy.

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