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    Become a Listupp partner and become known by thousands of fans of fashion and online shopping that visit Listupp daily looking for the latest trends, must-haves of the season and to discover new brands.

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    Constant assistance: every day you can count on the care and technical support and commercial of Listupp. Our team will always be at your disposal whenever you need them.

    Catalogue integration in the short term: our technical team will be integrating your products onto Listupp as quickly as possible to give you the opportunity to enjoy of all the benefits of collaborating with Listupp right away.

    Maximum expense: you can set a maximum monthly financial limit according to your needs with the ability to change it later.

    No exclusivity obligation: the integration of your eCommerce catalog does not exclude sponsorship on other platforms.

    Control of dashboard: you can keep an eye on the progress of the clicks on your eCommerce through a custom dashboard.

    Ability to unsubscribe at any time: in the event that your eCommerce marketing strategies were to change direction, you can terminate the contract with Listupp quickly.

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